Monday, January 30, 2012


Jonathan Chait has the goods right here:

These are just a couple of examples plucked from the last day of campaigning. There is an endless supply, large and small. Romney’s whole line of attack against Obama rests upon facts that are verifiably false. His main foreign policy indictment is a lie that Obama went around the world apologizing for the United States – this is the basis for his slogan that he "believes in America," as well as the title of his campaign book, No Apology. His domestic indictment of Obama rests upon his ludicrous claims that Obama "has no jobs plan" and his repeated, specific assertion that Obama wants to create full equality of outcome. 

Even by the standards of politicians, Romney seems unusually prone to dishonesty. Again, you can ascribe this to circumstance rather than character. I see him as a patrician pol, like George H.W. Bush, who believes deeply in public service but regards elections as a cynical process of pandering to rubes. I think you can plausibly make other interpretations, and you can separate Romney the man or even Romney the president from Romney the candidate. But I don’t see how you can paint Romney the candidate as in any way scrupulous about the truth in any form.

I have to disagree with the idea that Romney "believes deeply in public service". I believe Romney believes deeply in the success and advancement of Mitt Romney, period. I am almost 60. I've been following politics since I was 12. I have NEVER seen a more shameless, brazen liar than Mitt Romney, and I remember Richard Nixon. Character? What "character", exactly, does a man like Romney possess? I can't find any at all. To lie as consistently and incessantly as Romney does is a mark, as I have said, of sheer sociopathy. Romney sees other humans as a means to an end. He is for Mitt Romney only. To trust a man of such BONE DEEP dishonesty is impossible. To put such a man in power would be unthinkable.

And that friends, is the truth.

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