Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dishonesty in politics is part of the human condition, and no one expects any politician anywhere to be completely forthright at all times. All politicians shade the truth, hide the truth, distort the truth, or tell deliberate untruths from time to time. But there is one politician running for office this year in the United States who is so utterly mendacious, so breathtakingly dishonest, so astonishingly duplicitous, and so utterly committed to deceiving his fellow Americans as to almost defy belief. And who would that be, exactly?


Willard, or Mittens, as he is so affectionately known here at Romney the Liar, is a person of such inveterate dishonesty that it can be truthfully said that he lies as easily as most people breathe. When you are unrestrained by any ethical scruples whatsoever and consumed by little more than the desire for power, wealth, and position, you will say anything you think necessary to acquire them. And Willard is more consumed by such desires than most politicians are. One gets the sense that were we to look inside Romney for any hint of integrity we would see nothing more than a barren desert of sociopathy, occupied by a grasping, clutching, desperate little man wholly focused on his own gain, regardless of the damage his words and actions do to others. That such a man has a realistic chance to attain the presidency of my beloved country is appalling to me. Romney outrages my sense of what an American leader should be. His lies OFFEND me. They are an INSULT to me. And I will not suffer them without comment. So it will be my purpose here to track down every offensive, insulting lie that has come from Mitt Romney's lying mouth or from the propaganda operation working for him. It will be a task of Herculean proportions.

But I think I'm going to enjoy it.

[By the way, the wonderful header on this blog was designed by my good friend Lance Ehlers, a very talented artist. Thank you, Lance!!]


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