Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I keep tellin' ya folks, there is NO lie that Willard will not tell. NONE. Why did he lose in South Carolina 10 days ago? This is his astonishing falsehood:

"You know, in South Carolina we were vastly outspent with negative ads attacking me and we stood back and spoke [lied] about President Obama and suffered the consequence of that," Romney told reporters outside his Tampa campaign headquarters. "Plus also I think some good debates from Speaker Gingrich. we came to Florida and Speaker Gingrich didn't have two good debates, I did." 

Independent analyses show that Romney's campaign and associated super PAC spent nearly double what Gingrich's forces did in the state. Romney's spokeswomen did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the former Massachusetts governor's statement.

Amazing arrogance! Willard not only lies, he lies about things that can be easily checked. Unreal. Next, he'll be claiming that he waged a positive campaign in Florida. By the way, an analysis of Willard's thousands and thousands of ads in the Sunshine State shows that NINETY-NINE PER CENT of them were NEGATIVE. This will be Mittens' tactic if he faces Obama: throw a continuous stream of dishonest filth at him, and try to gain the White House through sheer gutter level lies. 

We have been warned.

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