Friday, January 20, 2012


Steve Benen continues his remarkable crusade against Mitt Romney's constant stream of astonishing lies. One that particularly caught my attention today was Willard's bullsh*t lie about the defense budget. Mittens the Sociopath insists that Obama is going to cut "$1 trillion" from the defense budget. The New York Times applies the smackdown here

Mr. Romney was wrong in stating that Mr. Obama wants to cut $1 trillion from military spending. The administration is committed to reductions of less than half that amount over 10 years — about $450 billion, or roughly 8 percent of the Pentagon budget over a decade. 

Moreover, Congressional Republicans as well as Democrats support the level of cuts that Mr. Obama seeks. The cuts were mandated as part of the bipartisan deficit-reduction agreement with Mr. Obama in August. That bipartisan deal does include another round of cuts in January 2013 that would be automatic, half in domestic programs and half in the military, and it would bring total military reductions to about $1 trillion over 10 years. But the administration opposes that outcome for the Pentagon. Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Leon Panetta, has said reductions on that scale would be ruinous. Mr. Obama has proposed alternative deficit-reduction measures to avoid the threatened automatic cuts, but Republicans oppose his plan because it calls for additional revenues from higher taxes on the wealthy [Emphasis added] as well as spending reductions in entitlement benefit programs like Medicare, farm subsidies and federal pension programs.

By the way, the Times was too generous to say that Willard was "wrong". Willard knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He wasn't wrong--


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  1. I totally agree with you this SOB will lie as long as he can get away with it. The stupid republican believe all the lies because they cannot stand president Obama.