Thursday, January 5, 2012


Romney the Liar has claimed, repeatedly, that President Obama has increased the national debt "more than all other president combined". (!) This insulting lie is also easy to shoot down. The evidence presented here is conclusive: the huge burden of debt we are laboring under is the DIRECT result of excessive tax cuts for Mittens and his cronies and the fall of revenues brought about by the Great Recession, a recession that is DIRECTLY the fault of predators and thieves like Mitt Romney. Oh, and the president who DID rack up almost as much debt as all other presidents combined? It was George W. Bush. Here is the truth of the matter--something you won't hear from Mittens the Sociopath:

(Click to enlarge these images.) The national debt is a little over $15 trillion. It stood at almost $12 trillion as of 30 September 2009, the end of Bush's last budget. Romney's statement that Obama has increased the debt more than all other presidents put together is not simply a lie. 

It's a damned lie.


  1. You refer to the current recession as the Great Recession. I think it should always be refered to as the BUSH RECESSION to remind everyone who caused it - Republicans.

  2. CBO: Of the nation's $15 TRILLION DEBT, $13.5 TRILLION is from GW/Cheney's policies, wars & tax cuts.

    GW's record DEFICIT $1.4 trillion, FY 2009. No one has had a higher deficit, before or since. GW only doubled the national DEBT; Reagan tripled it.

    WHO increased the Nat'l Debt? Reagan 189% -> George Half-Wit Bush 55% -> Clinton 37% -> The Oaf GW 115% -> Obama 12%

  3. This is nothing to do with bush. Bush was overall good. Obama has more debt then any president, but almost as much as all presidents combined which is what Romney says. Obama is a looser evil person. Anti Israel, pro Muslim, pro gay, pro abortion. Does apologize for us. Bows before people who hate us, tells Israel what to do. Is not our business, no one should ever tell a country what to do. Obama is pro music,p anti Christian, he's pathetic. I don't like romny either, but he is far and above Obama. He is pro Israel, pro military, pro Christian, more anti gay then Obama and the crappy democrats. The us is so screwed because in part Obama is anti Israel. God says he will bless those who bless Israel and curse those WP curse them. Obama curses Israel and we are being punished for obamas and the government Israel bashing. You do not pressure another country into doing anything like giving up their owni land and to stop building in their own land. Shame on Obama and shame on the government for doing so. Canada is pro Israel and is much better then we are in some ways. But yes, Obama has almost as much debt as all previous presidents combined. If it wasn't for Obama I may not vote this year. But I hate Obama so much I'll vote for Romney just to keep Obama out of office. Otherwise I would not vote since I dnt like either really.

    1. No the country is screwed up because people like you

    2. What Top Republicans say about Mitt Romney


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