Saturday, January 28, 2012


When you're an unprincipled, amoral, sociopath like Willard, you lie constantly to get your way. One of Willard's most egregious lies has to do with President Obama's supposed "failure" to condemn Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. Daniel Larison has the story here:

During the last debate, Romney repeated one of his standard criticisms of Obama on Israel and Palestine: 

This president went before the United Nations and castigated Israel for building settlements. He said nothing about thousands of rockets being rained in on Israel from the Gaza Strip. 

This is one of Romney’s favorites. He has been using a variant of this line for years. The problem for Romney is that it was never really true, and Obama has mentioned rocket attacks from Gaza in every address to the U.N. that he has given. [Emphasis added.]

If we go back to Obama’s first address to the U.N., which is what Romney has been referring to for more than two years, we will find a reference to rocket attacks on Israel: 

We must remember that the greatest price of this conflict is not paid by us. It’s not paid by politicians. It’s paid by the Israeli girl in Sderot who closes her eyes in fear that a rocket will take her life in the middle of the night. 

If we want to be very technical and generous to Romney, we could say that it’s true that Obama did not mention the number of rocket attacks, but that’s not the point. Romney wants people to think that Obama simply ignores these attacks all together, and that is not true. 

The 2010 U.N. address contained the most explicit references: 

And efforts to threaten or kill Israelis will do nothing to help the Palestinian people. The slaughter of innocent Israelis is not resistance — it’s injustice. And make no mistake: The courage of a man like President Abbas, who stands up for his people in front of the world under very difficult circumstances, is far greater than those who fire rockets at innocent women and children.

Face it, folks. Willard Mitt Romney is a pathological liar who will say ANYTHING to advance his cause. His lying accusation against Obama on the subject of rocket attacks is yet another example of his gutter-level campaign style. We must work TIRELESSLY to expose Willard for what he is--an out and out lying fraud.

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