Sunday, January 15, 2012


Campaigning in New Hampshire, Willard claimed that Europe has more poverty than the United States--which is a lie--and this supposed poverty is caused by European welfare programs. Journalist David Corn asked him about this statement. Now, I'm pretty jaded and cynical, but this literally made me gasp and laugh in surprise. I mean really, just READ this:

So what's the basis for Romney's claim that European social welfare programs generate poverty? As is often the case, he was not taking questions from reporters at this stop. But at the end of his speech, I pushed through the throng waiting to shake his hand or grab a photo with him, and waited on the rope line for the former corporate executive to come by. When Romney neared, I asked, "Do you have time for one question?"

Amid the folks pushing baseballs and photos at him for his signature, Romney looked up and paused to hear my query.

"Do you believe," I asked, "that there is more poverty in Europe than the United States?"

Is that before or after government payments, he responded. 

You can define it any way you want, I said. "Well, I'll have to think about that," he said, and started to shuffle away.

But, I said (quickly), you just stated that European-style welfare creates poverty.

"No, I didn't," Romney replied. "I said, look at Cuba, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union."

He hadn't said anything about those countries. He hadn't mentioned them once in his speech. [Emphasis added]

No, I insisted, you said European-style welfare leads to poverty. That's precisely what you said.

No, Romney repeated, I was talking about Cuba, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union. 

It was hard to know how to respond to this utterly false denial. (Later on, I thought of an appropriate reply: "I'll bet you $10,000.")

Unbelievable. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE. Willard LIED  right to David Corn's face about something Willard had just said and that David Corn had just heard him say in the VERY ROOM where he had just said it. I don't know whether that was coming from Willard's sociopathy or his arrogance or simply his compulsive, knee-jerk dishonesty, but...I mean, I'm almost speechless about this. Does he think that little of other people that he thinks he can just tell them unadulterated horse manure and get away with it?

And there are people who actually want this lying BUM to be president?!?


  1. Great, funny site. Thanks! We need to smoke out this cut-throat capitalist tool and show him for the sleazy crock o' crap he really is. I've read the Mormons excommunicate people for excessive lying -- when are they going to get around to their boy Mittster?

  2. Thanks, Rick! Spread the word about the site!

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  5. If you were having encounters with such a person in a different setting, wouldn’t you assume they were a criminal? I mean, it is right out of the lines of movie criminals.