Saturday, March 31, 2012


The Washington Post has the story:

Free & Strong America PAC Alabama, one of a network of state-level PACs that has raised and disbursed money on Romney’s behalf, gave the donation in 2008 to the National Organization for Marriage, which at the time was working to pass Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage in California, disclosure records show. 

The Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights group, argues that Romney disbursed the money through his little-known Alabama PAC in an attempt to avoid drawing national attention to the donation and said it could violate California disclosure requirements. The group said it first learned of the gift from confidential NOM tax records provided by a whistleblower, which listed the money as coming from a PAC address in Massachusetts.

The so-called National Organization for Marriage has one objective: to make sure gays are second-class citizens, stripped of the equal protection of the law.  Romney thinks gays are second-class people too. (Funny. He claimed he DIDN'T think that way when he was governor of Massachusetts. Check it out here.) The contribution to the anti-gay hate group was made by way of an obscure avenue to help conceal it. 

And you know what I find REALLY interesting? Check out this part of the story here

As a 501(c)(4), NOM has to file a form with the IRS that lists its donors. In the public version of the form, the donors’ names are redacted. When the Human Rights Campaign got a copy of the nonredacted version, it listed $10,000 from Romney’s PAC, Free and Strong America. The PAC’s tax records, though, showed no such donation. [Emphasis added] Eventually, the Human Rights Campaign determined that the money came from the PAC’s Alabama affiliate, suggesting an attempt to evade scrutiny. “Clearly there was a strategy here to conceal,” says Fred Sainz, the Human Rights Campaign’s vice president.

And you want to know a fun fact about NOM?

...NOM budgeted $120,000 for an outreach coordinator “to identify the children of gay parents willing to speak on camera,” suggesting an eagerness to rip gay families apart.

Yeah, kids! Denounce your own parents! Now THOSE are family values!

Willard: Willing to hate the same people YOU do, as long as you're an anti-gay fanatic. He just doesn't like to be too conspicuous about it.

Monday, March 26, 2012


You gotta hand it to Mittens. He lies about everything and he'd sell his own mother out to get votes, but in one respect he's totally honest and consistent: his contempt for the American people and his determination to put money into his own pocket remain rock solid. Willard's new tax plan is an example of this. The story is here. First, let's hear from Willard himself: 

"One of the things I found in a short campaign against Ted Kennedy was that when I said, for instance, that I wanted to eliminate the Department of Education, that was used to suggest I don’t care about education,...So I think it’s important for me to point out that I anticipate that there will be departments and agencies that will either be eliminated or combined with other agencies. So for instance, I anticipate that housing vouchers will be turned over to the states rather than be administered at the federal level, and so at this point I think of the programs to be eliminated or to be returned to the states, and we’ll see what consolidation opportunities exist as a result of those program eliminations. So will there be some that get eliminated or combined? The answer is yes, but I’m not going to give you a list right now."

In short, I won't tell you specifically what I want to do because it will cost me! Ah, that Willard! Always ahead of the curve.

Well, there are some folks keeping track of what Willard wants to do, such as The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. From their summary:  

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's proposals to cap total spending, boost defense spending, cut taxes, and balance the budget would require extraordinarily large cuts in nondefense programs. For the most part, Governor Romney has not outlined cuts in specific programs. [I wonder why?] But if policymakers exempted Social Security from the cuts, as Romney has suggested, and then cut Medicare, Medicaid, and all other nondefense programs by the same percentage, balancing the budget and adhering to the Romney spending cap would require cuts of 35 percent in 2016 and 56 percent in 2022. Without the balanced budget requirement, the cuts would be smaller but still massive — 28 percent in 2016 and 38 percent in 2022.  

For nondefense discretionary programs — those subject to annual appropriation — these cuts would come on top of the 11-percent cut already in law due to the discretionary funding caps of the Budget Control Act (BCA) that Congress enacted last August. Our estimates of the depth of cuts that the Romney proposals would require are consistent with what Governor Romney himself has said about the required cuts. 

These cuts are far deeper than those that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) austere budget plan would require. They would shrink nondefense discretionary spending — which, over the past 30 years, has averaged 3.7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and never fallen below 3.2 percent — to just 1.7 percent by 2022.

Draconian doesn't begin to describe this. And of course, Willard plans to ENORMOUSLY reduce taxes on the wealthy at the same time. His proposal?

The analysis out Thursday from the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution think tanks, finds that under Romney's plan the bottom 20 percent would see their average federal tax rate increase $149, or 1.3 percent.

The top 20 percent, meanwhile, would see an average tax cut of $16,134 -- a 5.4 percent reduction in their tax rate. The top one percent of earners would see their average tax rate fall by nearly $150,000 per year, and the top 0.1 percent would see a reduction of more than $725,000. [Emphasis added]

Romney's original plan called for making the Bush-era tax cuts permanent, getting rid of the estate tax (now paid only by those with estates worth $5 million or more), getting rid of taxes on investment income for those making less than $200,000, and lowering the corporate tax rate ten points to 25 percent. Last week he said he would also cut marginal, individual income tax rates by 20 percent for everyone who pays taxes. 

According to the Tax Policy Center, Romney's plan would add $900 billion to the deficit in 2015, when the changes would go into full effect. The group has also found that the 20 percent tax cut, combined with Romney's proposal to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, would add $3 trillion to the deficit over ten years - even if the Bush-era tax cuts and more recent tax cuts are extended. 

Disaster. Sheer out-and-out disaster. No wonder Willard is being evasive and dishonest about his intentions. When you plan to screw the poor, the elderly, the sick, and America's fiscal health for the sake of pouring even more money into your own pocket, why wouldn't you be?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


One of Willard's flunkies said on CNN Wednesday morning that the positions Mittens has taken in the campaign can be likened to the picture on an Etch-a-Sketch. You know, where you just shake it to start making a new picture, in this case the positions Romney the Liar will be lying about in the fall campaign. Here's what was actually said:

JOHN FUGELSANG, POLITICAL COMEDIAN: Good morning, sir. It's fair to say that John McCain was considerably a more moderate candidate than the ones that Governor Romney faces now. Is there a concern that the pressure from Santorum and Gingrich might force the governor to tack so far to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election? 

[ERIC] FEHRNSTROM: Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It's almost like an Etch a Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again.

HA! HA! Yes, Willard is just saying all these wild right-wing things to please the seething nutjobs that dominate the Republican base. He doesn't really mean any of it! His own campaign says so!

It's as I've been saying.

Willard will SAY ANYTHING.

Willard will tell ANY LIE.

Willard will DO ANYTHING.

He only cares about one thing: getting into the White House so he can cement his own wealth and privilege and that of his friends. Period. All the rest is just talk, as disposable as tissue. 

Willard would be a freaking disaster in office. It's up to us to stop him. NOW.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


You can see his ugly lie right here. This particular line of BS is being pushed by Fox "News" in particular. It's an utter and outrageous falsehood.

For the record:

U.S. oil production is the highest it has been since 2003 and imports are down.

The United States is the third highest producer of oil in the world.

Despite the temporary interruption in offshore operations, U.S. oil production is increasing. To quote from The Financial Times:

...analysts believe the US was the largest contributor to the increase in global oil supplies last year over 2009, and is on track to increase domestic production by 25 per cent by the second half of the decade. 

The rise would still not be enough to end America’s dependence on imported oil, which accounted for roughly half of US demand in 2010. But it would reduce the country’s vulnerability to supply shocks and its trade deficit. 

According to the US government’s Energy Information Administration, domestic production of crude oil and related liquids rose 3 per cent last year to an average of 7.51m barrels a day – its highest level since 2002. The rise enabled a 2 per cent drop in US oil imports to 9.45m b/d, in spite of rising demand as the economy recovered. US oil imports have fallen steadily since 2006.

Hmmm. Oh, and there was that big spike in gasoline prices in 2007--UNDER BUSH.

And one last thing: the rise in oil prices is a WORLD-WIDE phenomenon. The main factor pushing it? Tensions between the West and Iran.

And who is one of the loudest cheerleaders for a war with Iran? ROMNEY THE LIAR HIMSELF.

So Willard, take your lies about Obama and gas prices, fold 'em five times, and stick 'em where the Moon don't shine.

You know. The same place you pull all your so-called "facts" out of.

Thursday, March 15, 2012



In this blog, I have documented the shocking number of lies uttered by Willard Mitt Romney on every conceivable issue of public policy. But still the MSM tends to overlook or excuse Mittens' fantastic mendacity. It's time to end that.

We need to start emailing the address of this blog to people in the media, and pointing out to them the blog's function. Not for my benefit. I don't make a dime off of this, and I don't need to. I don't need recognition, or any of that nonsense. But I do need you to SPREAD THE WORD about Willard the Sociopath. Help me out, OK? With your help, we can bring down this man, who is quite frankly a deadly threat to both this country and the world. We CAN'T let him lie his way into office and return us to the Bush Era, a Bush Era on steroids this time. HE HAS TO BE STOPPED.  I need your help.

This is a time for all patriots to stand up and be counted.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


[Click to enlarge] As I've said, Willard has NO positive message for himself at all. It's all about tearing down the opposition, and virtually nothing more.

We have been warned.


And the answer to Greg Sargent's excellent question is NO:

Here’s a test case: The debate over Medicare — and Romney’s embrace of the Paul Ryan plan — is about to dominate the conversation. Romney is moving to get ahead of the story by accusing Obama of being the one who would “end Medicare as we know it.” Here’s the Romney campaign’s statement this morning:

 “There are two proposals on the table for addressing the nation’s entitlement crisis. Mitt Romney...has offered a solution that would introduce competition and choice into Medicare, control costs, and strengthen the program for future generations. President Obama has cut $500 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare and created an unaccountable board with rationing power — all while America’s debt is spiraling out of control and we continue to run trillion-dollar deficits.

 “If President Obama’s plan is to end Medicare as we know it, he should say so. If he has another plan, he should have the courage to put it forward.”

[What is] interesting is the assertion that Obama has “cut $500 billion from Medicare” and created an “unaccountable board with rationing power” even as the deficit is “spiraling out of control.” That’s a reference to Obamacare’s efforts to curb spending with $500 billion in savings that are actually wrung from health care providers, not Medicare beneficiaries. That “unaccountable board,” meanwhile, is a reference to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is designed to make recommendations for reducing Medicare costs, and explicitly cannot recommend rationing.

Sargent has nailed it down: ROMNEY IS LYING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OBAMA'S MEDICARE POLICY. Every. Single. One. Romney has endorsed Paul  Ryan's horrible proposal to DESTROY MEDICARE and replace it with "vouchers" that will cover less than half of what Medicare provides and force elderly people to negotiate their health care plans with private insurance companies. It would be a catastrophe. Romney is doing preemptive lying to blunt criticism of his wretched policies. Will the media EVER call him on his lies?

Only if we make them do it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Something we need to remember: Willard will wage the filthiest, ugliest, most lying campaign in American history:

2008 was nothing compared to what’s coming once R-money’s Pretty Hate Machine is fully operational. The side effect of how soul-destroyingly horrid the attacks will be is to try to depress everyone else into not voting at all. Only by lowering the turnout to the worst levels ever seen in modern election history will Romney be able to win. It’s the only shot he’s got, and everyone knows it at this point.

Romney has proven utterly incapable of making a positive case for himself. His campaign against his Republican rivals has been unrelentingly vicious. And remember: ultra-right wing reactionaries with BILLIONS of dollars at their disposal will be behind him. Willard's campaign will be NOTHING except:





He may look weak now, but don't underestimate him: he's a ruthless sociopath who will do anything to win. If we want to save America from Willard and his friends, it's going to take a maximum effort on our part. There's no other way we can approach it.

We MUST win. There is no alternative.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


From the fine folks at Crooks and Liars, here is an account of Romney's ludicrously bad tax proposal and Willard's lies concerning it. If this doesn't make you afraid of this guy, I don't know what would:

Two weeks ago, Mitt Romney unveiled what he has repeatedly deemed a "bold" plan to deliver a 20 percent across-the-board tax cut. As it turns out, the plan isn't so bold after all. For starters, it's largely a retread of the 15 percent tax cut scheme Bob Dole rode to defeat in 1996. And after a wave of analyses showed Romney's plan would produce oceans of red ink while giving the rich yet another payday courtesy of the U.S. Treasury, Mitt admitted today that his plan "can't be scored" because "I haven't laid out all of the details." 

As The Hill reported today, the GOP frontrunner is now essentially claiming he deserves an "A" because the dog ate his homework: "So I haven't laid out all of the details about how we're going to deal with each deduction, so I think it's kind of interesting for the groups to try and score it, because frankly it can't be scored, because those kinds of details will have to be worked out with Congress, and we have a wide array of options." As Ezra Klein's Wonkblog rightly concluded: "Let's be clear on this: A tax plan that can't be scored because it doesn't include sufficient details is not a plan. It's a gesture towards a plan, or a statement of intended direction, or perhaps an unusually wonky daydream. But it's not a plan."

Romney's may not be a plan, but it is a recipe. At a time of record income inequality, the lowest federal tax burden in 60 years, and large budget deficits without listing all of his ingredients, Mitt Romney is just offering a recipe for exploding national debt and a windfall for the wealthy... Romney's tax cuts are even more expensive [than Bush's], clocking in at a cost of more than $10.7 trillion over the next decade and reducing revenue to a paltry 15 percent of GDP, according to Linden. Balancing the budget on those terms, as Romney claims he will do, would be next to impossible.

Mittens promises to cut taxes, massively increase the defense budget, and leave programs for the elderly intact, at least for now. Willard is fully aware that his tax proposal can't possibly balance the budget or reduce the deficit. His plan isn't intended to do those things. First, it's intended to sucker gullible people out there into thinking they're getting a windfall. Second, it's intended to channel massive amounts of money into the pockets of Willard and his pals. From  CNN Money:

Mitt Romney's new tax plan would mean lower taxes for most Americans. But some would benefit more than others. According to a new analysis from the Tax Policy Center, wealthy Americans would see their taxes fall precipitously under Mitt Romney's new plan -- which scraps the Alternative Minimum Tax and cuts marginal tax rates by 20%.

Assuming the Bush tax cuts are extended, the Romney plan would give the top 1% of earners an average tax cut of $150,000, a 7.8% reduction in their average federal tax rate, according to the Tax Policy Center. Americans in the middle 20% of income-earners would get an average tax cut of $810, a 1.4% tax rate reduction. Those making $1 million or more would receive an average tax cut of $[1]50,000, an 8.1% tax rate reduction, while the average American would get $2,800, a 3.5% rate drop. 

The plan would also add to the deficit -- $480 billion in calendar year 2015 alone, according to the study.

Adding $480 billion to the deficit in one year?!? And Romney claims his plan is fiscally responsible? If Willard wins and the Teabagger fanatics in Congress push his tax plan through, catastrophe is the only outcome. Romney the Liar is trying to sell us all snake oil so that he and his cronies can line their pockets.

"Reduce the deficit? Balance the budget"?


Monday, March 5, 2012


Two statements for your consideration. First, Willard yesterday:

"This is a president who has failed ... to communicate that military options are on the table and in fact in our hand. And that it’s unacceptable to America for Iran to have a nuclear weapon."

Second, President Obama last week:

"In the conversations I've had over the course of three years, and over the course of the last three months and three weeks, what I've emphasized is that preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon isn't just in the interest of Israel, it is profoundly in the security interests of the United States, and that when I say we're not taking any option off the table, we mean it ... I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don't bluff. I also don't, as a matter of sound policy, go around advertising exactly what our intentions are. But I think both the Iranian and the Israeli governments recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say."

Moreover, the President has said the same thing REPEATEDLY. Again and again he has stressed that he has taken no options off the table and that Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapon is unacceptable. Is Willard confused? Forgetful? Ignorant? No--


Thank you to A. Sullivan

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Oh my. It seems that Willard, while claiming to reject government, has a soft spot for government subsidies that go to his investments

[A] steel company in which Bain invested, GS Industries, went bankrupt in 2001, causing more than 700 workers to lose their jobs, health insurance and a part of their pensions. Before going under, the company paid large dividends to Bain partners and expanded its Kansas City plant with the help of tax subsidies. [Emphasis added] It also sought a $50-million federal loan guarantee. 

"This is corporate welfare," said Tad DeHaven, a budget analyst with the Washington-based Cato Institute, which encourages free-market economic policies. DeHaven, who is familiar with corporate tax subsidies in Indiana and other states, called the incentives Steel Dynamics received "an example of the government stepping into the marketplace, picking winners and losers, providing profits to business owners and leaving taxpayers stuck with the bill."

Read the whole article to get the full flavor of Romney and his friends' manipulation of government. And remember this: Romney has no intention of shaking the system up.


Friday, March 2, 2012


Just watch. And see, once again,  if Romney isn't the most brazen liar to run for office in your lifetime.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Gene Lyons nails it right on the head here. Why does Willard flip-flop and lie about everything? That's because his only true conviction is that he deserves to be president. And why does he "deserve" it? Because he's successful--and you're not:

On the “Today” show, Romney explained that people concerned with income inequality are simply jealous. “You know, I think it’s about envy,” he said. “I think it’s about class warfare. When you have a president encouraging the idea of dividing America based on the 99 percent versus 1 percent—and those people who have been most successful will be in the 1 percent — you have opened up a whole new wave of approach in this country, which is entirely inconsistent with the concept of one nation under God.”

Got that, peasants? God’s behind the 13.9 percent tax rate Romney paid on $43 million he earned in 2010 while technically unemployed. Anybody who thinks differently is merely eaten up with resentment. In my experience, the more money people inherit, the more they’re tempted to lecture others about talent and hard work. And to cry the blues about the indignity of paying taxes. 

Romney’s air of personal superiority appears to be the one topic about which the poor dork is absolutely sincere. That’s what makes him such a terrible liar. He’s almost frantic with it, like a golden retriever with his ball. Even with the mute button on the TV pressed, you can almost hear him panting.

Heh heh. Read the whole thing--and be enlightened.