Tuesday, March 13, 2012


And the answer to Greg Sargent's excellent question is NO:

Here’s a test case: The debate over Medicare — and Romney’s embrace of the Paul Ryan plan — is about to dominate the conversation. Romney is moving to get ahead of the story by accusing Obama of being the one who would “end Medicare as we know it.” Here’s the Romney campaign’s statement this morning:

 “There are two proposals on the table for addressing the nation’s entitlement crisis. Mitt Romney...has offered a solution that would introduce competition and choice into Medicare, control costs, and strengthen the program for future generations. President Obama has cut $500 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare and created an unaccountable board with rationing power — all while America’s debt is spiraling out of control and we continue to run trillion-dollar deficits.

 “If President Obama’s plan is to end Medicare as we know it, he should say so. If he has another plan, he should have the courage to put it forward.”

[What is] interesting is the assertion that Obama has “cut $500 billion from Medicare” and created an “unaccountable board with rationing power” even as the deficit is “spiraling out of control.” That’s a reference to Obamacare’s efforts to curb spending with $500 billion in savings that are actually wrung from health care providers, not Medicare beneficiaries. That “unaccountable board,” meanwhile, is a reference to the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is designed to make recommendations for reducing Medicare costs, and explicitly cannot recommend rationing.

Sargent has nailed it down: ROMNEY IS LYING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OBAMA'S MEDICARE POLICY. Every. Single. One. Romney has endorsed Paul  Ryan's horrible proposal to DESTROY MEDICARE and replace it with "vouchers" that will cover less than half of what Medicare provides and force elderly people to negotiate their health care plans with private insurance companies. It would be a catastrophe. Romney is doing preemptive lying to blunt criticism of his wretched policies. Will the media EVER call him on his lies?

Only if we make them do it.

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