Sunday, March 18, 2012


You can see his ugly lie right here. This particular line of BS is being pushed by Fox "News" in particular. It's an utter and outrageous falsehood.

For the record:

U.S. oil production is the highest it has been since 2003 and imports are down.

The United States is the third highest producer of oil in the world.

Despite the temporary interruption in offshore operations, U.S. oil production is increasing. To quote from The Financial Times:

...analysts believe the US was the largest contributor to the increase in global oil supplies last year over 2009, and is on track to increase domestic production by 25 per cent by the second half of the decade. 

The rise would still not be enough to end America’s dependence on imported oil, which accounted for roughly half of US demand in 2010. But it would reduce the country’s vulnerability to supply shocks and its trade deficit. 

According to the US government’s Energy Information Administration, domestic production of crude oil and related liquids rose 3 per cent last year to an average of 7.51m barrels a day – its highest level since 2002. The rise enabled a 2 per cent drop in US oil imports to 9.45m b/d, in spite of rising demand as the economy recovered. US oil imports have fallen steadily since 2006.

Hmmm. Oh, and there was that big spike in gasoline prices in 2007--UNDER BUSH.

And one last thing: the rise in oil prices is a WORLD-WIDE phenomenon. The main factor pushing it? Tensions between the West and Iran.

And who is one of the loudest cheerleaders for a war with Iran? ROMNEY THE LIAR HIMSELF.

So Willard, take your lies about Obama and gas prices, fold 'em five times, and stick 'em where the Moon don't shine.

You know. The same place you pull all your so-called "facts" out of.


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