Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Willard, who wants very much to be president despite his complete lack of qualifications, has been, for years, stashing money in the Cayman Islands--a notorious haven for tax cheats of all kinds. Willard's toads, also known as his staff, have been saying that this is no big deal since Mittens pays the same tax rate there as in the U.S. (If that's the case, then why go to the trouble of keeping money there at all? I don't buy it.) But a specialist in tax law tells us the truth: 

Washington tax lawyer Jack Blum told ABC News that offshore accounts and investment funds allow super-rich investors to 'avoid a whole series of small traps in the tax code that ordinary people would face if they paid tax on an onshore basis.' 

Experts estimates offshore banking costs the US Treasury $100 billion a year in lost tax revenue. 

 'His personal finances are a poster child of what's wrong with the American tax system,' Mr Blum said.

And how much does Willard keep in the Caymans? Try THIRTY-THREE MILLION BUCKS. Hmmm. Maybe that's why Willard is hiding his tax returns, even though his own FATHER was the person who pioneered the practice of opening up income tax returns for inspection. George Romney made TWELVE YEARS worth of returns available when he was running for President back in the 60s. Willard is reluctant to open up even one year's worth. Oh, and Willard's former company, predator-vulture Bain Capital, which still pays Willard millions of $$ per year, keeps ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT secret accounts there.

Romney the Sociopath claims he gets no tax benefits "investing" in the Caymans. 

Right. And pigs with wings, singing "Louie Louie",  are flying over my house this very minute


  1. Sweet Jesus, what if he's only paying taxes on his 'not very much' $300K-plus speaking fees and that's why he hiding his tax returns? (I'm assuming it's insomniac therapy groups who have hired Willard to give speeches -- wow, they must really need the sleep.) The Masters of the Universe on Wall Street also often 'spread their money around' -- if they have a few accounts in the Caymans, they usually have millions stashed in Swiss or Dubai bank accounts, as well, out of the reach of the IRS. Mitt's money trail deserves the kind of intensive investigation the 'horse race' corporate MSM is probably not going to provide.

  2. Excellent, Rick. Yes, let's follow Romney's money and see where Willard has his $$ stashed.