Thursday, October 4, 2012


Courtesy of NPR:

One of the biggest disputes was over tax cuts. Obama argued that Romney's plan to stimulate the economy includes a tax cut totaling $5 trillion that, Obama said, isn't possible because the Republican nominee is also promising to spend money in other places.

Romney flatly disputed that number. "First of all, I don't have a $5 trillion tax cut," he said.

Who's right? The Washington Post's Fact Checker says the facts on this one are on Obama's side. The New York Times notes that Romney "has proposed cutting all marginal tax rates by 20 percent — which would in and of itself cut tax revenue by $5 trillion." has weighed in too, tweeting during the debate that "Romney says he will pay for $5T tax cut without raising deficit or raising taxes on middle class. Experts say that's not possible."

PolitiFact has given a "mostly true" rating to the charge that "Romney is proposing a tax plan "that would give millionaires another tax break and raise taxes on middle class families by up to $2,000 a year."

 — Has the president put in place a plan that would cut Medicare benefits by $716 billion? Romney says yes. The president says no. According to PolitiFact, Romney's charge is "half true."

"That amount — $716 billion — refers to Obamacare's reductions in Medicare spending over 10 years, primarily paid to insurers and hospitals," says PolitiFact. So there is a basis for the number. But, it adds, "the statement gives the impression that the law takes money already allocated to Medicare away from current recipients," which is why it gets only a "half true" rating.

The New York Times writes that Obama "did not cut benefits by $716 billion over 10 years as part of his 2010 health care law; rather, he reduced Medicare reimbursements to health care providers, chiefly insurance companies and drug manufacturers. And the law gave Medicare recipients more generous benefits for prescription drugs and free preventive care like mammograms."

There's more on the way.


  1. Romney is one racist looking crook,and a consistent liar.People who say he won that debate last night got to be crazy.These people went off the hype.Rodney appeared to be a Damn fool,and had the nerve to be talking about some Damn big bird,and couldn't,explain what he would do better.Obama might have been tired but held up well despite of that.People expectations of Romney must have been extremely low to think he won that debate.Bottom line is that Romney really made his self look like a Damn fool.

    1. Racist? Now you are just name calling without any evidence. When has he ever put down another race? How do you expect Romney to explain anything in detail at this debates? He is only given 2 mins for each question. LOL, you are funny. How did Romney make himself look like a "Damn Fool?" Your words are making noise, but very little meaning.

      Obama spends a lot of time on Late Night Shows, Golfing, Campaigning, and other public fundraisers. The plane he flies in is of 5 star luxury. I am sure that he would have been able to get a few hrs of rest during his flight to Denver. Do you recall Al Gore attempting to make the excuse that Obama was "off" because of the altitude? It is not like he was competing in a sporting event. You liberals can't make this stuff up. I am really enjoying the LIVE comedy stand up.

      For the last 4 years, you all have had the main stage to do something productive. You all have done nothing but make the situation(s) worse by not doing anything at all, coming up with excuses that it is Bush's fault. Or simply coming up with a fix that is completely inadequate.


  2. So when Obamacare takes away money for medicare payouts to hospitals and providers, who suffers there? The workers at the facilities suffer. Why? Because the bills are not being paid, so layoffs happen.

    To add to that, if providers are not getting paid for medicare services... then what will stop a Dr. from taking a patient who has medicare? Nothing. Now the patient is without a Dr. It is not the Drs. fault. It is this new healthcare bills fault. Thanks to Obama. Think of it this way... would you own a restaurant and continue to give food to your customers when their bills are not being paid? No you wouldn't. You would do one of two things. Stop serving those customers. Or, if you were forced to feed those freeloaders, you would go out of business.

    You liberals are crazy with your thinking. It is a live stand up comedy. Thank you all for the laughs!

  3. Bryan, you are in for a severe disappointment when Romney loses. The situation Obama was handed in 2009 was a disaster--a REPUBLICAN CAUSED disaster, which the Republicans have done ZERO to help correct--just the opposite.

    As far as your Medicare remarks--ask Paul Ryan. He wants the same savings.

    Bye now.

  4. Romney really did look like a fool up there on that stage,and It was obvious.All he was doing was being loud and trying to over talk Obama and the moderator.This is a not about how aggressive you are in a debate.This is suppose to be about solving the issues we face in the country.This man comes out making these stupid,silly looking facial expressions every time Obama spoke.I mean,he suppose to be a grown man.He kind of reminded me of how stupid john McCain was acting in that debate with Obama in 2008.And yes,he could have went more into detail then he did.Romney was just saying anything.If you're smart you want a president that have good intentions,that's willing to listen,and present himself with class.Romney also reminded me of bush on that stage wednesday night.All he was doing was running his mouth,telling lies,and saying whatever he felt he should say.That's why Obama wouldn't really look him in the eye much.It Damn sure wasn't because he was intimidated by Romney,even though he is a creepy looking fool.I Guess halloween is close by.Lol.You can't really debate with a fool,that's just telling lie after lie,trying to just attack,with no real substance.Obama felt it wasn't worth the time to debate with this fool.President Obama is in the White House dealing with the issues,and Romney is just some man talking about what he would do.All sources for the most part say the real facts were mostly on Obama side.You want a President that's concerned with the issue,not someone putting on a show.People that bought into the hype were deceived,or just die hard republicans that just needed any excuse to trigger some kind of momentum,even if it was just hype.He never backed Obama up against the wall,plus Obama answered the questions with no problems.Mitt Romney had no knockouts.He just looked more aggressive,and energetic.Democrats that were disappointed just wanted Obama to knock him out,and he didn't do that,so that was considered a lost to some democrats.Mitt so called won by perception,but not substance,so how could Mitt win the debate when he never said anything that topped what Obama had to say.It was hype,but democrats just wanted Obama to go in and knock him right out,so this fake perception thing wouldn't happen in the first place.Now,far as healthcare goes,it's not perfect but we need it wayyy more than not,and I didn't say Romney is a racist,but to me,he just look like one.

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