Monday, October 29, 2012


Willard continues to go deeper into his cesspool of lies about the auto bailout, claiming, astonishingly, that it was done HIS way and he deserves credit for it!! Well, a prominent New York Republican has nailed that assertion dead. The details are here

[Harry]  Wilson appeared on October 23 on Bloomberg News’s In the Loop and was asked by host Betty Liu about Romney’s claims in the last debate that he’d supported a form of federal assistance to GM and Chrysler, namely “post bankruptcy” government guarantees to private lenders. Liu tried to soften the case against Romney in her question to Wilson, asserting that both Romney and Obama “were essentially right” in their bailout comments, but Wilson would have none of it. 

“I’m, as you know, a Republican who supports the governor. But I think on this issue, I think he’s really mishandled it,” said Wilson.

A startled Liu: “Romney has mishandled it?”

“Yes,” continued Wilson. “He came out both in 2008 and earlier in 2012, in a piece in one of the Detroit newspapers, and said he wouldn't have supported any government capital because private capital was available. That’s simply not true. The president said that last night.”

Liu interjected that the unavailability of private money was backed up by a Congressional Budget Office report.

“Absolutely,” added Wilson. “We tried everything we could to find private money. I personally would have dramatically preferred private money. It just wasn’t available because of the crisis we were in. And the greatest thing about this point is that it is the easiest thing in the world to prove or disprove. All you need is one person to come forward and say, ‘Oh, I would have provided private capital, and here’s an example of where I said that in 2009.’ And no one has said that in three years, cause it’s just not true.”

There is no subject about which Willard has lied more relentlessly than the auto bailout. He's now running, as I have noted, a commercial that contains the DESPICABLE LIE that Chrysler is moving all Jeep production to China. It will take every bit of energy the forces of decency can muster to defeat Willard.

But for the sake of the truth, and our nation's future, we MUST prevail.



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    This is a gem! Romney calls himself a liar.