Sunday, October 14, 2012


First, you can go here and scroll down for a veritable cornucopia of Willard's lies, misdeeds, and corrupt backers, courtesy of Bally Balldez's blog.

Second, you can join in the growing chorus of people who want to know why Willard is STILL hiding his tax returns. Until they are revealed, I MUST assume they are concealing criminal wrongdoing

Third, you can once again marvel at Willard's lying, deceptive, preposterous tax plan that DOES INDEED cut taxes (mostly for the rich) by $5 TRILLION. With $2 TRILLION in Pentagon spending OVER AND ABOVE what the military has requested, and a budget that (temporarily) maintains Medicare at its current level, there is no way it will not blast a monster hole in our deficit, UNLESS--

Romney plans to cut out the mortgage interest deduction, the charitable deduction, and the state and local taxes deduction, measures that would RAISE taxes on middle income Americans.

Finally, you can ask yourself:

In the first debate, Willard said his tax plan does not cost $5 trillion.

In the VP debate, Little Paulie said the $5 trillion tax cut can be paid for.

Question: Is Little Paulie saying Willard lied???

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