Monday, October 29, 2012


I've been saying it for months: the stench of corruption surrounds Willard, and clings to every aspect of his life. Now we have more evidence of Willard's willingness to bend or even break the law right here

...University of Texas Law School Professor Calvin Johnson...focuses on two trusts Romney has set up: one for his children, which is worth over $100 million, and an $87 million retirement trust. These trusts have grown at an enormous rate -- Johnson notes that they have been more than 10 times as profitable as Warren Buffett's investments over the same time frame. [My emphasis] Johnson writes that Romney may have played fast and loose with the law by undervaluing Bain Capital assets that were contributed to the trusts. By undervaluing the assets, Romney could avoid paying gift taxes.

Check out the rest and place it in the whole picture that has emerged about Willard: 

---the shadowy financiers of Bain Capital; 

---the association with Junk Bond King/Criminal Michael Milken; 

---the ugly business tactics used by Bain in acquiring companies, loading them with debt, and then leaving them to die;

---the phony tax shelter Romney helped the Marriott Corporation use;

---the amazing amount of money that seemed to end up in the hands of Willard's friends in connection with the 2002 Olympics;

---Willard's lies UNDER OATH to the state of Massachusetts claiming he was a resident when in fact he paid state taxes in Utah;

---the fundraiser in LONDON sponsored by Barclays Bank, the bank at the epicenter of a raging financial scandal in Europe;

---Willard's shady Cayman Islands and Swiss holdings;

---Willard's REFUSAL to show us more than two years of HIGHLY EDITED and HIGHLY SELECTIVE tax information and the possibility that Willard participated in the 2009 tax amnesty the IRS offered.

I've reached my own conclusion:

Willard is a crook--plain and simple. A thief. A tax cheat. A liar. A fraud. Someone who games the system mercilessly and relentlessly, and steals whenever he has a chance.

If you know someone who might vote Democratic but is apathetic this year, show them this.

And remind them of what's at stake.

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