Saturday, October 20, 2012


Are you ready for it?

Are you sitting down.

Good. His magical plan is getting elected

Because that will make everything all better. Don't believe it? Neither does Andrew Leonard:

Romney was quite clear on this point in his infamous “47 percent” speech. Romney told his audience that “if we win on November 6th there will be a great deal of optimism about the future of this country. We’ll see capital come back, and we’ll see — without actually doing anything — we’ll actually get a boost in the economy.”

You see, the right-wingers argue that the Big Money Boys are on "strike". Yes, a "capital strike" because they are so scared that Obama might just tax and regulate their poor little selves right out existence. So Willard is pushing this idea that his election would end this "strike" and restore confidence. But...

The funny thing is, the available evidence suggests that Americans are already feeling more optimistic than they've been for a long time. On [12 October], the University of Michigan’s consumer confidence index hit a five year high. Americans are buying cars at a pace not seen in four years. They’re watching their homes appreciate in value for the first time since the bust. Retail sales are growing. Average Americans are doing their part, and the ironic truth is that, most likely, no matter who gets elected president, they’ll probably keep doing so. Neither Romney nor Obama might have to do anything at all in order to enjoy the benefits of a resurgent economy.

Even funnier, the premise that a Romney election will “bring capital back” presupposes that capital has gone away. And despite all those stories about trillions of dollars of “cash on the sidelines” there is scant evidence that a lack of investment opportunities or abundance of regulations is the reason for the hoarding. In fact, it’s not even true that corporations aren't willing to invest in the future.

Quite the opposite. Here’s something you are unlikely to hear during a Mitt Romney stump speech. Business investment has actually recovered to its pre-recession levels. During the Obama recovery, corporate spending on business equipment and software has grown at a faster rate than during any of the last four economic recoveries. (George Bush’s economic recovery, embarrassingly, registered zero net growth in business equipment and software spending.) (My emphasis)

In other words, Willard's whole premise is a CROCK. 

His tax plan is a $5 trillion LIE.

He has NOTHING. Nothing at all in mind, except for one thing:

Lining his own pockets.

That's always the priority. Oh, and by the way...

We still haven't seen his tax returns. I wonder why?


  1. I am shocked to consider the risk Romney supporters are willing to take, the price they are willing pay, to put Mitt Romney into office. If Romney is willing to dupe voters for NO reason other than votes and to evade any discussion of the finer points of his miracle plan, exactly what do these supporters expect Romney to do in he White House when his rich friends come around with self-serving interests which disregard the interests of the rest of us?

    I am terrified and stunned by any intelligent 21st-century American who supports a presidential candidate who would "go there" and would blatantly state in a public forum that women do not have the same value as men, and that businesses gives women enough already by allowing them flexible schedules to cook dinner and clean for their families. Yeah, I will be unable to send my son to college on schedule flexibility.

    Is this the price Americans are prepared to pay, willingly, to speed up a recovery that is already moving in a positive direction, in the face of yet another financial disaster for which I dare say Mitt Romney himself was partially responsible?

    Most amazing of all, Romney supporters reinforce the negative opinions Romney already holds toward them just by their willingnes to support a liar who keeps lying, but especially when no one will call out Romney publicly when he lies. Romney supporters demonstrate a chilling ability to ignore his lies, and Romney knows that, and that is why he lies to them. There is no kind way to call a person the very embodiment of the word "liar", a liar.

    Mitt Romney writes all of his fine print with invisible ink. Read between the lines, people. Please read the fine print. Electing a liar to office could not possibly be the price any dignified, self-respecting person, regardless of his or her political affiliation, should be willing to pay.

    Beware any snake-oil salesman who tries to sell you a miracle elixir, but who refuses to tell you the ingredients.

  2. Don't worry. (R)money won't win. Of this I'm (fairly) certain :) He's a fool.

  3. He won't win if we continue to pay attention. Sad fact is, some people believed the fabricated mermaid featured in a recent Animal Planet documentary is real, and they believe whatever Mitt Romney says. But I am with you, Mandy!

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