Saturday, October 6, 2012


DAY-UM did Willard lie a LOT on Wednesday night. Among the multitude of blatant falsehoods flooding out of him were those on the clean energy question. FactCheck has the goods here:

Romney falsely claimed “about half” of the clean-energy companies that received U.S.-backed loans “have gone out of business.” But 26 companies received loan guarantees under a loan program cited by Romney, and three of those have filed for bankruptcy. The three firms were approved for about 6 percent of the loan guarantees.

Romney incorrectly claimed the “$90 billion in breaks to the green energy world” was provided “in one year.” It was two.

He stated at one point that Obama put $90 billion “into solar and wind.” But only $21 billion went for renewable energy projects, “such as the installation of wind turbines and solar panels,” according to a White House document cited by the Romney campaign. The spending also included $18 billion for transit projects and $10 billion to upgrade the nation’s electrical grid.

He falsely claimed the $90 billion was equal to “about 50 years’ worth of what oil and gas receives” in tax breaks, which he estimated at $2.8 billion. By his own figures, it would have been 32 years’ worth. But it’s even less than that. The administration estimates that eliminating oil and gas tax preferences would raise about $3.9 billion a year (23 years’ worth). The industry itself says the administration would increase its taxes by $8.5 billion a year (10.5 years’ worth).

He falsely claimed Obama “put $90 billion into green jobs … that would have hired 2 million teachers.” But that $90 billion included loan guarantees, not just grant money, and the government can’t hire teachers with loan guarantees.

There's much more, but you get the idea. I think a lot of people who were impressed by Willard's fraudulent salesman act on Wednesday night are taking a second look and realizing that this guy lied about EVERY issue, relentlessly and remorselessly. His election would be a catastrophe both for the nation and the world. 

I mean, when it comes to telling lies, Willard makes Richard Nixon look like a nun.

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