Saturday, September 29, 2012


This guy Willard is just beyond belief. In this story here, Willard makes the following astonishing claim about his lie-packed, utterly false advertising:

"We've been absolutely spot on. And any time there's anything that's been amiss, we correct it or remove it," Romney said.

Romney officials did not immediately respond to CNN's request to name one ad the campaign had taken down.

The GOP contender defended one controversial ad, which accuses the president of taking the work requirements out of welfare. Several fact-checking organizations, including CNN, have deemed the spot "false."

In other words, Willard doubled down on his welfare lie when confronted with it. He also refused to talk about the video in which he spewed out his contempt for almost half the American people. He did, however, utter the following spectacular lie:

...Romney presented himself as someone who is looking out for working Americans, saying he is "overwhelmingly committed to helping every American."

You know...the people who "refuse" to take responsibility for their lives and "expect" everything to be provided for them.

No wonder this clown is tanking.

(HT: Joel Glassman)

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