Wednesday, September 26, 2012


One of the things I find so loathsome about Willard is his complete avoidance of any personal accountability for his words or actions. Apparently I'm not the only one, as we can see here:

...Mitt Romney still refuses to take responsibility even for his own tax returns. Former colleagues of Romney’s report that Romney would have never even run for president if he thought he’d be pressed to release his tax returns. And then we see that, of the meager tax returns Romney does release, 2011 is altered to take a lower charitable deduction so that the governor’s effective tax rate is a still relatively low 13 percent instead of an embarrassingly low 9 percent. While President Obama appeals to voters as a straightforward and self-critical human being, Mitt Romney comes across as a cold and opaque elitist. Romney doesn’t think “the people” deserve to see his tax returns, let alone an accurate accounting of his tax rate and foreign investments.

And then consider Romney’s two most prominent missteps as of late — a very inaccurate and dangerous statement about surging violence in the Middle East and his secretly recorded statements writing off 47 percent of Americans as dependent “victims.” Pretty much any other politician imaginable would walk these remarks back. Heck, even Todd Akin apologized after his abominable statements on “legitimate rape.” But Romney? No, he actually doubled down in both instances — defending his reckless remarks and turning what could have been mere gaffes into central pillars of his campaign.

That's Willard all the way. Never explain, never backtrack, never admit fault. There are plenty of people like this. They think it makes them appear strong, tough, and invincible.

Actually, it makes them look craven, dishonest, and weak.

Kind of a good summary of Willard's character--or lack thereof.

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  1. Don't you worry your little heads, my fellow dear Republicans:
    Mitt Romney, the Great Flipper, may never be elected dog-catcher..
    BUT ...he will ALWAYS have a job at The International House of Pancakes!