Monday, September 3, 2012


This article here is the best take-down of that diseased entity called the Republican Party (from which I escaped 20 years ago) I have ever seen. It deserves maximum circulation. I found this part of it to be particularly apt:

Today, for Republicans, up is down and front is back. Lying has become so ingrained into the conservatives’ national dialogue that they are now dangerously demagogic or, worse, severely unhinged. Blind rage at the election of Barack Obama has wrecked a once great political party. Its leaders have made so many deals with the devil in their almost pathological obsession with unseating Obama that they have pushed the GOP into its own version of political hell – unable to speak truths to their now-rabid and conspiracy-addled base and unable to right the party back onto a path of responsibility.

Only through the disinfectant of defeat can the Republicans, and the two party system, be preserved. And so, the campaign of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan must be consigned to the ash heap of history. Defeat must not only be decisive, it must be crippling. Here are five reasons why:

I. They are liars. Most of the major newspapers and networks have adopted Marquess of Queensbury rules when addressing the utterance of utter falsehoods by Romney, Ryan and their surrogates. A velvet glove doesn’t deter deliberate deceit, and it certainly hasn’t here. Calling the words of Romney and Ryan “at odds with the truth” and “not factually accurate” is the coward’s way of communicating that the entire GOP campaign is based on lies, innuendo and more lies. There is a dramatic difference between the usual nip-and-tucking of the presidential campaign season and the flood of prevarication pouring out of the mouths of Romney and Ryan. 

As they say in blog-land: read the whole thing. And then:

1. Contribute money to Obama-Biden
2. Make sure you and your like-minded friends are registered to vote
3. Circulate this and things like it as widely as possible.

Together, we will save our country.


  1. A lie is a lie is a lie.

    The media is weak at best. Mitt Rommeny is a know pathological liar and in an interview they asked Gingrich if he was calling Mitt a liar and he said is a rather incredulous an matter of fact way, "yes".

    It's time to take off the gloves and take a meat axe to these liars.

  2. Chyrle--Did you read the item? I used to be a Republican, too. But I got over it.