Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Again, I refuse to watch a single second of Hate Fest 2012, so I again must rely on those made of sterner stuff than I. An example of such an intrepid individual is Jonathan Bernstein. His reaction is here

It [the speech] was, by any reasonable standards, a staggering, staggering lie. Here’s Paul Ryan about Barack Obama: 

"He created a bipartisan debt commission. They came back with an urgent report. He thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing."

 “They.” “Them.” “Them.” Those words are lies. Because Paul Ryan was on that commission. “Came back with an urgent report.” That is a lie. The commission never made any recommendations for Barack Obama to support or oppose. Why not? Because the commission voted down its own recommendations. Why? Because Paul Ryan, a member of the commission, voted it down and successfully convinced the other House Republicans on the commission to vote it down.

That wasn't the only bit of mendacity – lazy mendacity, incredibly lazy mendacity – in Ryan’s speech. Twitter lit up as soon as he started telling the story of the Janesville auto plant that Barack Obama didn't save – a plant that, it turns out, closed before Obama was president. And of course there’s the infamous cuts to Medicare that Ryan lambasted Obama for without happening to mention that those very same cuts were in Paul Ryan’s own budget. Yes: absolutely everything in Obamacare is an abomination, says Paul Ryan, except for (as he forgets to mention) the cuts to Medicare that he supports – and yet he still singles that part out to use as an attack.

 ...There’s also, as many were pointing out, the plain fact that until January 2009 Paul Ryan faithfully supported all the tax cuts and spending increases which created the deficit problem he’s been so concerned about since January 2009.

Ryan has a reputation as being a "serious" man. He is no such thing. He is a lying, frightening right-wing zealot of the worst kind. He is a perfect fit for the utterly dishonest Willard--a match made in political hell.

By the way, I came across this video yesterday, and I was wondering what people thought of it:

Interesting, no?

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