Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's a wonderful take down of America's biggest, most dangerous liar, the god-awful Willard. It can be found right here. Excerpts:

He doesn't want to talk about his taxes, either, although he finally and conveniently asserted that the returns he was refusing to disclose revealed he had always paid about “13 percent.” Now, that rate for a guy with an income of $20 million is hardly a profile in fairness. But if he did pay something more than 1 or 2 or 5 percent, or more than zero, then why not make the returns public? There’s more than a chance that his expedient reassurance is a ruse. As Ann Romney blurted out, the “reason we don’t disclose more is…it will just give them more ammunition.”


While dissembling about his own position, Romney counterfeited Obama’s, alleging in a hastily edited spot that the president “cut $716 billion from Medicare…[t]o pay for Obamacare.” Haste, and the taste of impending political doom lay waste to the truth. Obama didn’t cut one dollar from Medicare benefits, but payments to providers like hospitals with a poor record of patient care and insurance companies that have inflated the cost of Medicare Advantage, a Bush-born private supplement that suggests how inefficient and expensive for seniors Ryan’s vouchers would be. Moreover, the accurate figure for the savings is $500 billion; Politifact was moved to ask where Romney the vaunted numbers man found Obama cutting another “$200 billion while no one was looking.” Undeterred and determined to lie his way out of trouble with seniors, Romney doubled down. The president, he said, has “robbed” Medicare.


Or take Romney’s constant refrain that the president is responsible for “an inferno” of “debt and spending.” That’s flat-out wrong. Under Obama, annualized growth in federal spending has risen at the slowest pace in decades. Debt and deficits have been driven primarily by Bush’s tax cuts, Bush’s unfunded wars, and the Bush economic collapse of 2008. Despite the Obama stimulus, the rate of increase in federal spending was even higher under Herbert Hoover. And if the House GOP hadn’t stymied Obama, there would have been additional job-creating stimulus; the recovery would be more robust; and Romney’s prospects would be even more anemic than they are.

The list could go on and on. One Republican operative, a genuine conservative who thinks Romney isn’t genuine at all, renders his verdict: “He doesn’t believe in anything but his own ambition.” Maybe that’s why Romney will say anything. But why, then, should we believe anything he says?

Yes, indeed, why? If Romney told me my own name I'd check my drivers license just to be sure. Read the whole thing. And then pass it on!!


  1. "He doesn't want to talk about his taxes, either, although he finally and conveniently asserted that the returns he was refusing to disclose revealed he had always paid about “13 percent.”

    Sheesh Joseph!!!! give this poor struggling billionaire a break. 8% to 11% is close to 13%.

    All his tax shelters where his unearned undeclared income is are all perfectly legal.

    Ethics only apply to the working class and besides the rich know what's best for us. When will you liebruls ever learn.

  2. Romney is not unique when it comes to tax evasion. The filthy rich members of the ruling class rarely pay taxes.

    1996: Bob Dole vs. President Bill Clinton

    The real debate over tax returns during the 1996 campaign was during the Republican primary, where Bob Dole released 30 years of tax returns in an attempt to pressure one of his challengers, multimillionaire Steve Forbes, to release his returns. Forbes, who was estimated to be worth $440 million refused to release his taxes.

    Dole pushed another multi millionaire to release his taxes. He refused and he lost.

    1992: President George H.W. Bush vs. Ross Perot vs. Bill Clinton

    Billionaire independent candidate Ross Perot did not give into pressure to release his tax returns. The self-financed candidate, who ran in 1992 and 1996, was estimated to be worth $3.3 billion dollars. An estimate by the organization Citizens for Tax Justice estimated that Perot paid 6.8 percent of his income in taxes, according to a 1992 article in Newsday.

    This is about more than Romney. Romney is just a puppet and a whore who will assume any position for his clients. Romney is merely a symbol what the ruling class is doing to the world. Whether he's president or not the ruling class will still hold the power. This is a just a game for Romney. He'll win if he can and lose if he most but he will always lie.

    IMO his lies are part of an incremental plan to dumb down an already dumbed down populace. The the Cheney Diebold connection there will be massive voter fraud like there was during the Republican primaries.