Friday, August 10, 2012


Willard has once again succumbed to the will of the right-wing fanatics who have turned what was once the proud Republican Party of Eisenhower into the shrieking, ugly, hysterical party of Michele Bachmann. He has chosen as his vice presidential running mate the loathsome, despicable Paul Ryan. With the exception of a few months when he worked in the family business, Ryan has spent his entire adult life working in government in one capacity or the other. He has personally benefited from government help, such as the Social Security survivor benefits his family got after his father passed away. Ryan is the architect of the horrendous scheme to  destroy Medicare, wipe out Medicaid, and privatize Social Security.  And why is he for these things? To balance the budget? NO. He wants them crushed in order to give the rich--like himself--another massive tax cut!!  Charles Pierce, as so often is the case, says it best:

Paul Ryan is an authentically dangerous zealot. He does not want to reform entitlements. He wants to eliminate them. He wants to eliminate them because he doesn't believe they are a legitimate function of government. He is a smiling, aw-shucks murderer of opportunity, a creator of dystopias in which he never will have to live. This now is an argument not over what kind of political commonwealth we will have, but rather whether or not we will have one at all, because Paul Ryan does not believe in the most primary institution of that commonwealth -- our government. The first three words of the Preamble to the Constitution make a lie out of every speech he's ever given. He looks at the country and sees its government as something alien that is holding down the individual entrepreneurial genius of 200 million people, and not as their creation, and the vehicle through which that genius can be channelled for the general welfare...

He does not have the raw balls to explain to the country that, no, he does not believe in government - not the federal government, anyway, and not as it was originally conceived, as the fundamental expression of a political commonwealth. He's grandfathered his plan to chloroform Medicare so that, despite the deficit that he considers such an urgent problem, nobody alive today who might vote against him will be affected by it. In any way that will come to matter to the people whose lives his policies will make harder and more miserable, Paul Ryan is still the high-school kid living off Social Security survivor benefits and reading Ayn Rand by flashlight under the sheets.

There you have it, folks. Willard has signed on to the catastrophic, wildly destructive Ryan Budget. I say we make him regret it--BIG TIME. I say we wrap little Paulie around the throat of every Republican running for office this year--and win this thing going away.

Ryan is smooth and exceptionally deceitful. Don't underestimate him. But if we tell America what he really thinks and who he really is, we'll not only re-elect President Obama--we'll flush so many Teabaggers out of the Congress and the legislatures that the radical Right will be crippled for years. Why, America might actually recover from the problems it faces if we get these lunatics out of the way.

I say let's go after these clowns hammer and tongs--starting today--this hour --this minute --



  1. He lost the Catholic vote. Ryan dissed a bus load of nuns. What a scumbag!

    This sounds like it is going to be a Cheney/Bush co-presidency with Ryan being the brains and and RawMoney being the Bush.

  2. My gut told me that this was going to be a co-presidency like Bush Cheney. Romney's Freudian slip in this video back it up

    He introduces Ryan and the next president. Romney will be like Bush... a puppet.

  3. Want to hear something really disguising! We Americans have a candidate for president of the United States, namely Willard Mitt Romney, who got his start in the business world with money from those that were in some way connected to terrorist and has helped those terrorist make money over the years so that they could continue on with their terrorism! That is totally DISGUISING! When Romney first started Bain Capital he had a hard time finding investors. He was told that he might have better luck finding investors overseas. So he search around and came upon a group of people from El Salvador that were looking for ways to make money with their income. Now at that time in El Salvador there was a revolution going on between the rich land owners and the peasant population for control of the farming lands of El Salvador. This was not just a protest revolution. This was a killing revolution. The land owners hires a secret killing force who were killing many protesters in order to put fear into the protesters. This was a known fact to the world and to Romney. However Romney still decided to team up with some of the very rich farm land owners to take their money and make investments in Bain Capital so that he could make these rich land owners richer which in turn gave the rich owners more money to hire more terrorist and buy more weapons for them so that they can kill more peasants. Romney knew that family members of the investors were involved in the terrorist acts of killing. Those associated with the investors would brag about about the terrorist attacks while they were in Miami where they lived or were there to have meetings with Romney and Bain. Yet Romney continued to do business with these rich land owners and did so even after the terrorist killed a Bishop who was trying to speak up for the peasants. Romney and Bain helped finance the killings of El Salvadorians. This is the kind of guy you people want to elect as your President of the United States. To read more about this story read the Huffington Post issue of 8/8/2012. I hope more media outlets look into this story some more because this is disgusting that Romney did this.
    President Obama has pulled America out of a Republican caused Depression. Without a doubt President Obama’s policies have made America better off than it was four years ago. Us Americans were in a Depression when President Obama took office and it surely will take time to get back to normal because in that Republican caused Depression 9 million people lost their jobs. That is a lot of workers who are a lot of consumers losing their jobs. The economy grows when somebody buys something which gives someone a chance to sell something which gives someone a chance to have a job making something for someone to sell. A worker is a consumer because they have the opportunity to buy something. Since 2010 when the Republicans took over the House of Representatives the Republicans have shut down the amount of workers that the government has by not financing any public sector job creation which caused a slowdown in our economic recovery. Then Republicans in the private sector helped to slow down our economy too. Most of the companies in America are owned by the rich. Most of the rich are Republicans. Most of the large companies are making profits. Yet most large companies are cutting their work force to the bone. Less workers means less consumers which means a weaker economy. The Republicans know that the ONLY issue that will make them win the next election is a weak economy so the republicans in the private and public sector are doing all that they can to slow up the economy so that they can win the election. Do you want to reward someone who has screwed up your life?! Vote for President Obama and the Democrats because they don’t screw up your life, they improve your life. Read to see why Romney and the Republicans are bad for America in many ways.

  4. Representative Ryan is the main cause why America’s credit rating was down graded last year. Ryan is the main cause that the budget deal reach last year between President Obama and Representative Boener was rejected in the House of Representatives which was the main cause of Moody’s down grading America’s credit rating. Ryan objected to the plan because it included eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Ryan is one of the leaders of the tea party in Congress who has used his leadership to derail the budget plan negotiated by Obama and Boener and was the leader in the House if organizing the whole Republican Party to oppose any government help to fuel the economic growth that our country so badly needed. Ryan has been an obstructionist in Congress as he used his extortionist style of governing to get what he wanted in Congress. The Ryan budget plan now becomes the blue print for Romney economic plan which is to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cut other taxes for the rich, unnecessarily increase the military budget, cut or gut as many regulations and environmental laws as possible, give the rich freedom to again to what they want to us consumers, threaten many of the rights we Americans have obtained over the years like the right to get an abortion and make life more difficult for the middle and lower class people of America. We can’t entrust our economy to Romney and Ryan with their voodoonomics style of governing. We can’t trust Romney and Ryan to solve our environmental problems. Romney and Ryan will only make our environmental problems worse. Our environment is going through some very bad changes for the worst. We need someone like President Obama in office who will do all he can to solve our environmental problems, our economic problems, our equality problems, our social problems and the world’s problems. Our country and our troops needs a president who can bring peace to the world not a warmonger like Romney who will get us into a war with Iran & who knows who else. President Obama’s policies is pulling America out of a serious Republican caused Recession that was on the verge of a Depression. President Obama’s policies has crippled Al Qaeda and killed numerous Al Qaeda leaders including Bin Laden. President Obama’s policies has saved America’s auto industry & America’s economy. President policies has averted a war with Iran, gotten rid of Gadaffi, gotten us out of Iraq, stabilized Afghanistan, Africa & guided the Middle East through one revolution after another without the use of American troops. President Obama has earned the respect of the Arab world and has kept the violence between the Israelis & Palestinians down. I’m sure the Republicans would be proud to make the same boast but Republicans are a bunch of lying deceiving con artists who always try to twist the truth to make people vote for them. Beware of Romney Ryan and the Republicans because they are no good for America. They have proven that over and over again.