Wednesday, July 18, 2012


One of the many suspicious and fraudulent items on Willard's resume is his contention that he "saved" the 2002 Winter Olympics after its organizers were caught behaving scandalously. That nonsense is destroyed definitively right here. Let's take a look:

The Games would go on with or with out Mitt. This was never in doubt. What was in doubt was who would profit and who would have the inside track. What was in doubt was how to rake in profits without having to make investments. What the grifters needed was a leverage artist. What they needed was Mitt. And Mitt delivered...

When the dust settled, Mitt’s lobbying effort brought over $1.5 Billion to the SLC Games. In 2000 the GAO did an audit of US taxpayer support for Olympic Games in the country. Taxpayers spent $74,654,000 for the LA Games in 1984; and $608,512,000 for the 1996 in Atlanta. These were both summer Olympics and so you would expect them to cost more. But, the 2002 Winter Games in SLC blew the doors off the Treasury—taxpayers paid $1.5 Billion to bail out Mitt.

For the LA Games, taxpayers only paid for the Federal role during the games. In the Atlanta and SLC Games, taxpayers paid the most money to help the host city prepare their infrastructure. We spent $423,919,000 to help Atlanta and almost thrice that ($1.25 Billion) for Salt Lake City—and this is where the post-Olympics scandals can be found.

Read about how Willard's friends cashed in as the Federal $$$ flooded into Utah--and be reminded once again of what a lying sociopath Willard really is.

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