Thursday, July 26, 2012


Willard continues to sink into depths of brazen dishonesty that I hardly would have thought possible prior to his campaign of NON-STOP LIES.  This week, he spoke to the VFW. (I love that Charles Pierce cracked that when Willard was of draft age, he did his utmost to prevent being a V of the FW of the time.) Dana Milbank has the story here

There have been many mendacious moments in this presidential campaign, but it will be hard to top what Mitt Romney told the Veterans of Foreign Wars conference this week.

President Obama is seeking “an arbitrary, across-the-board budget reduction that would saddle the military with $1 trillion in cuts,” the Republican said. “Strategy is not driving the president’s massive defense cuts. In fact, his own secretary of defense warned that these reductions would be devastating, and he’s right. . . . This is no time for the president’s radical cuts in our military.”  

Come again?

Romney is referring to the automatic spending cuts, or “sequestration,” required by the Budget Control Act of 2011. For those suffering memory loss of the sort afflicting Romney, that legislation came about when Republicans threatened to throw the country into default unless Democrats agreed to automatic budget cuts if a “supercommittee” couldn’t reach a bipartisan agreement (which it couldn’t, naturally).

If the defense cuts are Obama’s, they are also John Boehner’s, Eric Cantor’s, Mitch McConnell’s and Jon Kyl’s. The bill passed with the votes of a majority of House and Senate Republicans and the encouragement of — wait for it — Mitt Romney. A Romney spokeswoman at the time said he applauded Boehner’s negotiating prowess. [My emphasis.]

How--HOW--can this lying sack of crap be essentially tied with President Obama? We have to go to political WAR to stop Willard and his Flying Monkeys (TM) from devastating this country. Give money to the President's campaign. You can do that right HERE. And we need to pound Willard on his tax returns again and again. He KNOWS we could destroy him with them. So every day, in every medium we can find, we have to say,


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