Friday, July 27, 2012


My oh my, have you been hearing about the way Willard has simply crashed, burned, and made an idiot out of himself during his trip to the UK? When a British official describes you as "Worse than Sarah Palin", that's GOTTA hurt. And so does being called out publicly by the Mayor of London after you publicly question London's readiness for the Olympic Games:

And some wonderfully cruel tweets from British citizens:

 #AmericanBorat sounds like Herman Cain on foreign affairs, but w/o the awesome lines from Pokemon Movie song 

 Mitt Romney: From #AngloSaxonHeritage to #americanborat in one day. 

 You can tell @MittRomney's doing badly when he starts getting booed by rich white people 

 65 year-old w/ #AngloSaxonHeritage, no business experience since 1999, seeks position, possibly as Leader of the Free World 

 "Not since WWII has London seen a bombing as thorough as Mitt Romney's."

Mitt Romney retroactively cancels visit to London.

Yeah, Willard's a real "expert" [Read: dangerous buffoon] in foreign policy. Here are some of Mittens' greatest "hits":

1. He “has been especially vague about how many U.S. forces he would keep in Afghanistan” and has no detailed plan for our engagement in the country. 

 2. His campaign said “real Americans” don’t care what Romney’s Afghanistan policy is. 

 3. Before Osama bin Laden’s death, he said he wouldn't go into Pakistan if we had bin Laden in our sights and that it was “not worth moving heaven and earth” to find bin Laden. 
[Of course he lied about it later.]

 4. He pledged “to do the opposite” of what President Obama has done for Israel, which includes record-level security funding. 

 5. He called Russia, a strategic partner of the United States on vital issues, America’s “number one geopolitical foe.” 

 6. When asked how he’d approach going to war with Iran, he has said he’d defer to his lawyers: “You sit down with your attorneys” so they can “tell you what you have to do.” 

 7. He has said that bringing all our troops home from Iraq was “tragic” and that it was a “naked political calculation.” 

 8. He “fled down a hallway and escaped up an escalator” to avoid answering a reporter about his position on the NATO mission in Libya. 

 9. He called the fading power of Venezeula’s leader Hugo Chavez a serious threat to our national security. 

10. His campaign said President Obama was not doing enough to protect Czechoslovakia—a country that no longer exists—from “the Soviets.”

Why, sure, he'd be a terrific foreign policy leader--if we want Bush's third term.

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