Wednesday, June 20, 2012


DAY-UM, this clown Willard just doesn't know how to stop lying. He was ready to let the U.S. auto industry DIE. The record couldn't possibly be any clearer. He was willing to wipe out about 1.2 MILLION jobs (both in the auto industry itself and its suppliers). The facts on this are IRREFUTABLE. Now, along comes Willard and AGAIN he's lying about the whole thing. To quote Willard:

"My policy had the same objective as the people in Detroit: I wanted to see the auto industry thrive and grow, and felt it needed a managed bankruptcy to be able to do so. It took the president a little longer to come around to that way of thinking," Romney told WOOD TV8, according to a portion of the interview the network previewed. "He ultimately took the auto industry through bankruptcy. They went through that process. And now, with support they have received from government and the American people, they have come back strong. That's a good thing. I would have done it faster than he did and saved us about $20 billion."

Of all the damned NERVE. Every observer has pointed out that there was NO PRIVATE MONEY available in early 2009 to stave off disaster in the auto industry. This blog has pointed out Romney's brazen lies on this point and on his true position in regard to the auto industry before. See here and here and here and here and here. That's what's so appalling and infuriating about him: HE REPEATS THE SAME LIE OVER AND OVER AND OVER, JUST IN DIFFERENT WORDS.  Oh, and this BS about "I would have done it faster and saved us about $20 billion"--that's one of those "facts" that Willard simply made up out of thin air, backed by no evidence and no explanation whatsoever.

I've been telling you since Day 1--this guy is a totally morally bankrupt sociopath. He will lie right to your face to get whatever he wants. His election would be a tragedy.

One that we MUST--and WILL--stop.

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