Wednesday, June 13, 2012


And why does Willard want to avoid doing that? It's simple. Because despite the verbal gymnastics of Wall Street Journal writer Gerald Seib, there is one overall fact about Romney's plan:

It's a fraud.

1. Romney refuses to offer a detailed plan, so there are few specifics to analyze.

2. Romney wants huge increases in military spending, but he won't tell us which domestic programs will have to be cut back, or by how much.

3.  Romney wants huge tax cuts (mostly for people like himself) which will make the deficit worse.

To quote from the article:

Romney’s proposed tax cuts are huge — bigger than George W. Bush’s — so even without boosting military spending, he wouldn't be able to achieve his imaginary spending cuts without either massively slashing politically popular programs like Medicare or blowing up the deficit into realms unimagined by even the most ambitious Big Government Democrat.

According to a May 12 study on the proposed Romney budget co-authored by CBPP’s [Richard] Kogan, to make his numbers, Romney would have to cut 29 percent of the budget for Medicare and Medicaid by 2016. That number would grow to 40 percent by 2022. And that’s along with similar cuts everywhere else, cuts that would devastate Americans struggling in a tough economy... 

But those cuts are not going to happen. A Republican Congress will not sign its own death warrant by slashing Medicare in half. If Seib was honest, he’d tell his readers that a Romney presidency virtually guarantees a rerun of the George W. Bush show. Tax cuts plus military expansion will make it impossible to pay for social welfare programs that the voting public supports. The deficit will grow. Or, in other words, complete fiscal irresponsibility.

Hmmm. You know, if I were going to return to the policies that got us into the mess Barack Obama INHERITED in January 2009, I'd avoid letting people know exactly what I was going to do, too. 

You see, Willard claims he knows how to "turn things around". That's a lie. His "program" is deliberately non-specific and deceptive. There's only one thing Willard really knows how to do:

And that's line his own pockets.

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