Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well, it looks like do-or-die time for Willard. The Michigan primary is in a couple of weeks, and the bad news for Mittens is that he's ACTUALLY FALLEN BEHIND RICK "FROTHY LUBE" SANTORUM IN THE STATE!! (Take a look here.)

Uh-oh. We know what THAT means. It means that Willard's slime machine is about to be turned on Frothy--FULL BLAST.

I saw today where Willard's TV budget in Michigan is outpacing Little Ricky's by 29-1. Yes, 29-1. It will get ugly. 

As TPM notes

Based on past experience, much of the ad spending will be negative. Romney’s super PAC is already up with a negative spot aimed at Santorum in Michigan, though the surrogates on the Romney [conference] call were not buying into the proposition that Romney’s going to win by trashing his opponents once again. 

“What makes you assume that the ads are going to be trashing and negative? I heard Romney this morning on Fox News make the point….I have no reason to doubt him, nor should you. He said, ‘I have not yet run a negative ad against Santorum, but there is an ad against me shooting mud balls at Santorum,’” said Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive. “In this campaign, certainly in Michigan, I have not seen the negative ads. I’m not so sure that I’m buying into the major premise here of your question that this is going to be 29-to-1 all negative.”  HA HA HA HA HA HA!! [Cynical laughter added.]

AND WILLARD IS ALREADY LYING ABOUT IT! His SuperPac has already gone negative and Romney said TODAY that he has yet to run a negative ad against Santorum. My God, this guy is just priceless!

You see, if Willard loses Michigan he's in real trouble, and he knows it. Little Ricky is between Willard and something Willard wants. That means there will be a firestorm descending on Santorum's head.

Ask Gingrich what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of those.

UPDATE! Little Ricky has made a big media buy in Michigan. This could get REAL interesting REAL fast.

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