Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Willard, never wanting to be out-demagogued or out-crazied by anyone, has launched an ugly attack on the Obama Administration's decision on hospitals and contraception. He is deliberately distorting the issue, calling some contraceptives "abortive pills".  The story is here:

Republicans are supposed to pretend science and biology and stuff is all a matter of interpretation, but for the record, contraception is not abortion, even emergency contraception. Romney's not an idiot. He knows this. What he's doing right there, he's lying, deliberately. 

The new rule simply requires employers and insurers to include prescription contraceptives without cost-sharing, carving out an exemption for religious institutions. It exempts churches that are actually functioning houses of worship... It exempts religious non-profit organizations whose primary mission is to serve people of faith. Twenty-eight states already have this insurance requirement. It's just smart policy that makes the lives of millions of Americans just a little bit simpler. 

But for a tiny sliver of the population whose primary goal in life is seeing women punished for having sex, it's the end of the world. And Mitt Romney wants their votes! He's gonna have a bit of a problem with that, because as with everything else, there's a moderate Mitt in the wings. When he was governor, he "required all Massachusetts hospitals, including Catholic ones, to provide emergency contraception to rape victims." That's not forgotten. [Emphasis added]

D'oh! Willard is attacking President Obama for something that Mittens himself personally signed on to just a few years ago. And now he's lying about the policy itself. Flip-flops, hypocrisy, dishonesty--it's a Mittens trifecta!

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