Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Those programs would be SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE. Willard is planning to do grievous damage to both. And yet, in Florida, he was all about reassuring everyone that he'll do everything that's needed to keep them going smoothly. The truth of the matter is here

Mitt Romney has lied day after day on the campaign trail, but yesterday he topped himself when he pledged to preserve Medicare and Social Security at an event in the Sunshine State. The truth is exactly the opposite: Mitt Romney and the Republicans want to eliminate Medicare and Social Security as we know them and hand them over to Wall Street with a reckless privatization scheme. 

Romney is a staunch supporter of Congressman Paul Ryan's radical budget plan to end Medicare and Medicaid and dramatically increase health care costs for seniors struggling to make ends meet. Ryan wants to put Medicare beneficiaries at the mercy of profit-mad private health insurance companies and force seniors to fork over at least $6,400 more per year on health care while letting billionaires and corporations skip out on their taxes. Romney and the Republicans want to strip seniors of new drug benefits and preventive care provided by the Affordable Care Act.

The Ryan Plan to DESTROY--not "reform"--Medicare would be a catastrophe. Those under 55 would, upon reaching Medicare age, be devastated by appalling health care costs. Willard plans to do this AND GIVE HIMSELF A HUGE TAX CUT. (See my item about Willard's plan to do that, right here.) This is the kind of damage he's planning to do to this country if  (God forbid!) he attains power. 

Willard is planning to ruin the basic programs that TENS OF MILLIONS of people rely on (or were hoping to rely on). And when he says he wants to "preserve" them, remember this simple fact:


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