Tuesday, November 6, 2012


(Above: Romney after conceding defeat)

President Obama will win the electoral vote 332-206 and will win a popular vote margin of about 1.5%, which should be around 2 million votes when all the dust settles. The Democrats increased their control of the Senate as well.

Willard's lies and his shadowy money were beaten back, if just barely. I am filled with gratitude and relief. If this little blog contributed even a tiny bit to this victory, it is reward enough. 

But the credit belongs to YOU, those who were committed to defeating the lies and the right-wing fanaticism of the Republican campaign. YOU DID IT!!



  1. Thank you Joseph for your hard work and research. Keep sticking it to the liars like Mitch McCONnell, Cry baby Bohner, Eric Cantor, Lyin Ryan and the rest of the punks.

  2. Thank you, Bally, for all your efforts as well.

  3. Let's take back Congress now!

  4. http://biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com/2012/11/karl-rove-delusional-liar.html

    Let's build on this and expose all the NeoCON liars and mental defectives.

  5. Great work. My companies health coverage was just changed for 2013 to only have two plans for Catastrophic High Deductble coverage. Now I have a $5K deductable. Thanks OBAMACARE. You bunch of morons

  6. Stop lying fred. Obama care is not implemented until 2014.

    I can tell you are a moron fred because you don't know the rules of grammar. You should have written My company's health care you moron. Now run back to clavern and light a cross and your sheet.

    Stupid people voted for Romney.

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  10. Romney may be gone but there are still a lot of GOP trash that needs to be taken to the dump. There was a lot of trash at the CPAC convention that is still a threat to America. Take back congress!

  11. I think he had some fair chance to win but unfortunate he losses but i hope next time he get his goal.
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  13. http://biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com/2013/10/republicans-are-by-far-biggest-liars.html

    Ted Cruz lies even more than Romney

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