Monday, November 5, 2012

A Thank You to Everyone

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this blog, especially those who have spread the word about it. The choice we face tomorrow is simple: a choice between a decent, honorable person who has made the best of the terrible situation he was handed, Barack Obama, or a vicious, lying, sociopath, one Willard Mitt Romney and his lying, right-wing fanatic running mate, Paul Ryan. Upon this election quite literally rests the future of our nation and perhaps the world. The election is close. Its outcome now depends on what each of us does. You need to VOTE, even if you live in a state where you think it doesn't make a difference. It does, wherever you live. It's time to make a stand.  It's time to smash the politics of lies, deceit, deception, and fraud. It's time to be counted.

And it's time to end the political career of Romney the Liar once and for all!!


  1. Here is a look at Obama and Romney head to head

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