Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is just sickening: 

 The [Washington] Post story led with a vivid description of Romney repeatedly clipping the hair of a young man - presumed by other students to be gay - while other classmates pinned him to the floor, as the victim screamed for help and his eyes filled with tears. "I don't remember that incident," Romney told Kilmeade. "I tell you I certainly don't believe that I ... thought the fella was homosexual. That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s. So that was not the case. But as to pranks that were played back then, I don't remember them all but again, high school days - if I did stupid things I'm afraid I gotta say sorry for it."

Phillip Maxwell, an attorney in Michigan, confirmed to CBS News that the incident with [victim] John Lauber is accurately described in The Washington Post piece. Maxwell was one of the Post's four on-the-record sources. A fifth asked not to be named. Maxwell says the only thing not accurate is that the Post reporter said the incident occurred in a dorm room, but it happened in a common room.

"Mitt was a prankster, there's no doubt about it. This thing with Lauber wasn't a prank. This was, well, as a lawyer, it was an assault. It was an assault and a battery. And I'm sure that John Lauber carried it with him for the rest of his life," Maxwell told CBS News.

"I've carried this story with me a long time. It was very disturbing. I think that view is shared by everyone involved in it," Maxwell says. "It just was a black mark on my character that I didn't stop it." 

The hair-cutting incident, according to The Washington Post, was confirmed by five of Romney's classmates who described the event as "senseless, stupid, idiotic" and "vicious." 

...Romney was also remembered as having shouted "Atta girl!" when another closeted gay student tried to speak up in the classroom. Romney said he did not recall that incident. "You know there are a lot of times, my guess is at a boys' school when one of the boys do something and people say 'hey atta girl,'... I had no idea that he was gay," Romney explained when asked about the comment. He again apologized for having offended anyone, saying no harm was intended.

The ugliness of this, which in my view reveals deep-seated character issues, is compounded by the fact that Willard claims he doesn't remember any of it.

That's just a damned lie. 

As Andrew Sullivan puts it:

...the story of the attack on the young nonconformist gay boy is a particularly ugly piece of bullying. It was a vicious and violent assault by a mob organized by Romney, who held him down on the floor, and cut his hair with a pair of scissors. 

I do not believe Romney has no memory of this. I believe he is lying. His absurd statement that he has no memory of the event but that he didn't target the boy for being gay is hilarious for its self-contradiction. A boy who routinely snickered "Atta girl!" when one young gay kid in his class spoke up is not just bashing hippies. I went to an all boys high school in the 1970s. What Romney did was a gay-bashing.

Look, Willard has no capacity for empathy at all. None. He is completely incapable of imagining himself in the shoes of another person. His nasty streak apparently goes WAY back. From his career spent destroying other people's livelihoods to his brutal, screw-the-poor economic plans, Willard has only one concern: Gratifying himself. I mean, if it doesn't line Willard Romney's pockets (and give him an outlet for his natural sadism), he ain't interested. 

Now of course, Mr. States Rights intends to push a constitutional amendment forbidding states from deciding the issue of gay marriage for themselves, just as he intends to push for an amendment conferring "personhood" on a zygote that would effectively reduce women to second-class status. After all, he'll do anything his demented right-wing overlords demand. And lie about what he's doing.

By the way, John Lauber died in 2004. Do you think Willard ever apologized to him?


  1. I'm really surprised nobody comments on your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. That Romney is one sick SOB--No concern for poor people, puts his dog on the car, invented the public health care system and then turned against it when a black man used the idea, and now THIS!!! This is a mark of what the man really is--A BULLY!!! Not everyone has done things like this in school, only meatheads who are overprivelaged in a bully society.

  3. He's a sociopath who thinks corporations are people. Since that is the law of the land now it would follow that people are corporations and since corporations get away with murder the perfect defense for homicide is I'm a corporation just like Mitt Romney,

  4. I like Republicans.... DEAD ONES!

    1. FB, that's not the way to go. We have to keep our anger in bounds.