Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Willard is, if anything, consistent. He intends to NEVER tell the truth about any public matter, especially jobs. Now his campaign has unleashed an absolute DOOZY of a lie. Check this out, if you will:

...Romney will now go back to claiming Obama subtracted jobs. But there’s a new twist: Romney will claim that the effect of the stimulus has been to destroy jobs. As it has in the past, the Romney camp will justify this by pointing to a bogus metric — the net jobs lost on Obama' watch. That includes the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs lost before the stimulus went into effect. Really: The Romney camp’s claim is that we can calculate that the stimulus destroyed jobs overall with a metric that factors in all the jobs destroyed before the stimulus took effect. [Emphasis added] That's not an exaggeration. It really is the Romney campaign’s position. It’s time to ask Romney himself to justify it.  

The Romney camp will also begin claiming that Obama has “never created a job.” Will anyone ask Romney about the two dozen straight months of private sector job creation we’ve seen?

Oh, and Willard intends to destroy any meaningful attempt to regulate Wall Street, and is determined to let his old pals get away with anything they like--you know, just before his old pals almost destroyed the world economy.

Just in case you weren't sure he'd be a total bloody disaster.

Oh, and by the way, you may be interested in this summary of the stimulus's effects from the Marxist Socialist Communist Kenyan Hitlerite Islamic Terrorist rag called The Christian Science Monitor:

• California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is grateful for it. While Mr. Obama was on a podium in Washington Wednesday touting what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has accomplished, the Republican governor was standing on the site of an ARRA-funded highway expansion, holding his own celebration. "This money has been very, very helpful to a lot of struggling Californians," said Mr. Schwarzenegger. The state is the largest recipient of ARRA highway funds and high-speed rail funding, he said. He's not the only Republican at the state level who's glad to be on the receiving end of federal largess. 

• Jobs have been "created or saved." That's the operative White House phrase, since a prominent stimulus goal has been to prevent job losses that would have occurred without the act. Nationally, the White House reckons that 2 million people have jobs now that otherwise wouldn't exist and that this number will rise by another 1.5 million during 2010, before the stimulus effect fades. Some private forecasters see a smaller impact, with the total stimulus job count peaking at about 2.5 million. The jobs are created directly by things like road projects, but also by the more general impact of the ARRA tax cuts and unemployment benefits that have put extra cash in consumers’ pockets. That makes it tricky to know the precise number of jobs in each state, although the White House offers estimates on its website. 

• Lots of the saved jobs are in the public sector. On Wednesday, Obama cited estimates that 300,000 teachers and tens of thousands of jobs in public safety (from police to first responders) have been saved as the Recovery Act helped to patch state budgets. 

Just for the record.

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