Thursday, August 23, 2012


The Plum Line has the goods here. Money paragraphs:

The verdict from unanimous: Romney is outright lying about the Obama administration’s change to welfare. Why would Romney continue use the claim if it’s been proven false?

The first answer has everything to do with the press. Reporters aren’t equipped to deal with constant dishonesty, and one-off fact checks aren’t enough to stop a lie from gaining currency. The Romney campaign is capitalizing on both facts to push a false narrative and embed it in the political conversation. So far, judging from the non-response of most reporters, it’s working.

The second answer is much more cynical. As Greg noted when the first ad debuted, this is a clear attempt to resurrect the politics of resentment. It’s no accident that Romney uses this line when speaking to groups of working-class white voters; it’s meant to conjure images of “young bucks” and “welfare queens” who abuse the system and take from more “productive” Americans. Indeed, when you consider the extent to which this attack came out of the blue — no one was talking about welfare before Romney began this assault — and the fact that Romney’s White House bid depends on record levels of support from white voters, it’s hard not to see it as a blatant attempt to pander to the racial anxieties of downscale whites. (My emphasis)

Willard is DELIBERATELY  resorting to racial resentment and racist stereotypes. He is DELIBERATELY  lying to gain the votes of low-information white voters. This is as ugly and despicable a tactic as I've seen. But coming from Willard, it doesn't surprise me.

We MUST stop this liar and this fraud from becoming president.



    Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said his charitable giving to the Mormon Church, a practice known as tithing, makes him uneasy about revealing more of his tax returns as demanded by Democrats, according to an interview in Parade Magazine.
    Democrats and others are pressuring Romney to release more than two years of tax returns. He is expected to be officially nominated next week as the Republican candidate to take on Democratic President Barack Obama on November 6.

    Romney has maintained he will not reveal more than his returns for 2010, released in January, and for 2011, expected by mid-October.

    As a Mormon, Romney says he abides by the practice of giving 10 percent of his income to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Romney has given $4.1 million to the church over the past two years, amounting to 9.7 percent of his adjusted gross income, according to his 2010 tax return and a 2011 estimate he has released.

    Romney was a bishop in the LDS church. The LDS is supporting his candidacy.

    His father George Romney, a Mormon, released 15 years of tax returns. Willard lies again!

  2. See if you can post this video of Romney explaining his blind trusts. This is a massive lie not only by Republican standards but by Romney standards.

    This one is right out of the liar's mouth on video.

    Jon Stewart nails the liar with two clips. In the first one he is saying that his money is in a blind trust and that he does not know how it is/was being invested but when he was running against Ted Kennedy he called blind trusts an "age old ruse" and that you can tell the people running the blind trust how to invest.

    Romney gets pwned once again.

  3. These two will post into blogger.

    Romney on his blind trust tax scams.