Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Willard knows his only chance at victory is to spread so many lies about Obama that he can sucker large numbers of low-information white voters into supporting him. Make a thinly-veiled, racist attack? Sure! No problem for Willard the Sociopath! The story of how Mittens is continuing to spread his vicious lies about welfare and work requirements is here.  Take a look if you've got the stomach for it:

It so happens that when Mitt Romney came to Ohio yesterday that I was able to catch one of his appearances, speaking to hundreds of coal miners in Beallsville. As expected, Romney hit President Obama for his “war on coal” (never mind that Romney in 2003 stood outside a coal-fired plan in Salem, Mass. and said that it “kills people.”) But he got his biggest applause during this riff:

I want you to know I heard something the other day that really surprised me... What I heard is that the president is taking the work requirement out of welfare. (Boos.) Yeah. We value work, our society which celebrates hard work, we look to a government to make it easier for jobs to be created and people to go to work. We do not look for a government that tries to find ways to provide for people who are not willing to work. And so I’m gonna put work back into welfare and make sure able-bodied people can get jobs.

Romney proceeded straight from this into a retelling of Obama’s “you didn't built that” line,  [another lie] but even that did not get the applause the welfare riff did. After the speech, several in the audience told me that their favorite part had been Romney’s calling out Obama for weakening welfare work requirements.  [My emphasis]  Yes, one of the more depressing parts of the job of being a political reporter is watching an audience fully absorb a blatant and knowing lie. Which is, of course, what this is. Countless factcheckers—here is one of many—have unequivocally rejected the assertion that Obama has ended the work requirement. His administration has instead granted more leeway to states, including several with Republican governors, to explore new ways to get people onto welfare into jobs, with the proviso that their new approaches must increase the share of recipients with jobs.

Let me explain something to you again. A lot of people already know these things, but just to remind everybody, here goes:

1.  Many, many white conservatives are convinced that the majority of people getting government help are black. This is false.

2.  Many, many white conservatives are convinced that most black Americans are on welfare. This is also false.

3.  Many, many white conservatives despise black Americans. Maybe not all of them do, or even the majority, but a huge number of them do.

4.  One of the bedrock right-wing beliefs in this country is this: "The Ni**ers are taking my money and just lying around doing nothing but living off my hard work." 

5.  Willard and his advisers know these things. But rather than correct these false ideas, THEY'RE PLAYING INTO THEM. Willard is DELIBERATELY  stirring up the ugly fires of white racial hatred. The assertion that Obama just wants to give people welfare without asking for work requirements is a DAMNED LIE.  It is a DIRECT  appeal to every sick right-wing idea about welfare. Willard doesn't give a DAMN about the fact it's a lie. He'll use ANY argument to win himself votes.

Please, please, PLEASE help us beat back this son of a bitch. Please. GIVE MONEY TO OBAMA  (right here). Spread this site to everyone you know. Don't let this predator get away with this garbage.

The country you save will be your own.

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  1. Not all conservatives are racists but all racists are conservatives.