Thursday, May 24, 2012


This time the truth teller is former Reagan Administration OMB Director David Stockman, explaining just what old Willard was REALLY doing. Watch, too, as Stockman deflates the phony claim about Romney's "job creation" at Staples: 

Romney's chief claim to be "qualified" to be president is his so-called "business expertise". That claim is a lie. There is NOTHING about what Willard did at Bain that qualifies him to run this nation--NOTHING. Romney was a ruthless, unprincipled financier. His goal was to make megabucks for himself and Bain's investors--not jobs.  He was a failed governor. He "rescued" the 2002 Winter Olympics only with massive federal help. That's the whole story. That's all of it. The idea that Willard is ready to be president is laughable. That is, it would be, if there weren't the terrible possibility that he might lie his way into office.

But you and I will stop that from happening--together.

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