Saturday, February 25, 2012


The wonderful Charles Pierce has posted this excellent piece about the various lies and myths uttered by Willard in regard to his time as governor of Massachusetts. Unsurprisingly, the tenure of Mittens the First as Mittens tells it is largely unrelated to what actually happened. 

...if you listen to Willard, he inherited a debt-ridden hellhole and left us all with a golden little slice of Utah to call our own. He stood tall against the forces of feminism, gay people who wanted to get married, and cloning. He's proud of Massachusetts's public schools, but he'd rather if you didn't mention that whole health-care business, even though it's immensely popular back here, what with its mandates and all. (Thanks, Willard!) If you listen to him, it's lucky the poor man came out of it all alive. 

The truth, need I say, is somewhat at variance with the story that Willard's telling.

Read the whole thing, as we say in Blogland. And marvel again at Willard's resolute determination to tell ANY lie about ANYTHING--as long as it advances his career. Oh, and one more brief excerpt:

[When Romney's attempt to gain additional Republican seats in the state legislature failed] is about when Willard decided he'd stop being governor and start trying to be president. The [Boston] Globe series quotes him memorably telling the newspaper's editorial board, not long after his reform effort went under the waves, "From now on it's me-me-me." 

 Well put.

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